Best Wishes & Happy Retirement to Joe Elkjer

Best Wishes & Happy Retirement to Joe Elkjer



This week is a bittersweet one for us as we count down to the retirement of one of our most influential sales representatives, Joe Elkjer.

We asked our team members what their favorite things are about Joe, or for what they will most remember him. The resounding theme in the responses was that his strong faith, kind demeanor, and endless patience will forever influence everyone he met throughout the years.

 Here are some of the responses from our team:

  • He's our moral compass & always tries to keep the rest of us on the straight and narrow. It's a tough job and Joe never gives up. -Linda
  • My favorite thing about Joe is his "It's great to see you!" attitude. -Lisa
  • I always appreciate his words of wisdom. Thanks for paving the way for the future of PL and for the wonderful memories with jenny at Christmas parties. -Chad
  • When I think of Joe I always smile. I am a better man for having known him and blessed to have worked with him for over 20 years. He is a brother in faith and fellowship. I wish him all the best that life offers in the years that follow. I know he will continue to be a blessing to many others has he moves on into the next adventures ahead. -Jay
  • Joe has always called me Linda. Not in person, but when leaving a message on my voicemail he would say "Hi Linda, this is Joe..." At first it bugged me but after a while it kind of grew on me and made me smile. -Ellen
  • Joe brought so much character, humility and dignity to Precision Lens over his career. Our spiritual leader will be missed! My favorite thing about Joe is that he is so positive, supportive, and inclusive. Also, how he mastered the art of co-traveling with sales managers! =) -Patrick
  • The thing that has always struck me about Joe is his genuine warmth and care for everyone he knows. I think that anyone that knows him is impressed with how strong his character is. This trait combined with his excellent work ethic and care for his customers has made him a consistent performer over his very successful career. -Dave
  • Joe was always extremely nice to me and made me feel welcome as a member of the PL team. He also has really thick hair--lucky guy! -Tom
  • I have many memories of Joe over the years. One of my favorites is at the old building on a Summer Friday afternoon he would come in to the office. Shortly after his arrival you would find him playing catch in the hallway with whoever was available. I always did wonder who would be the first person to be beaned during these activities, but I believe everyone was able to walk away unscathed. -Sarah
  • I love that Joe always greets you with a happy and heart-felt "Hello! How are ya?!" His genuineness, cheer, and warmth always brighten my day. -Madeline
  • Lots of things to like about Joe--his warmth, fun-loving nature, and ability to do the right thing in all situations come to mind. He has a wonderful wife and family who are fortunate to have him. The thing that sticks out in my mind is his saying 'What the stink??' when something was happening that he did not approve of (which happens more than one thinks). Other people would use other terminology that may not make it through the spam filter, but 'What the stink?' is exclusive to Joe. He is one of a kind, a wonderful friend, and will be missed more than we know. -Chris J.
  • I like how he can put a smile on anybody's face. -Danielle
  • Joe, congratulations on your career here at Precision Lens and I want to wish you all the best in your retirement and whatever you plan to do next. You have been a part of the soul of Precision Lens. You contributed greatly to its growth over many years. But equally important--maybe more so--you brought a sense of family to the company that helped me realize that even in a business there are more important things than the bottom line. It will not be the same without you. As I've heard you say, "I miss you already." -Chris R.
  • My favorite thing about Joe is that he always greets you with a smile. No matter if he's in a hurry, he always takes time to acknowledge you and see how you're doing. -Angela
  • One of my favorite memories with Joe is from this past Christmas party. He was so fascinated with the selfie stick that came around to our table. It cracked me up how intrigued by it he was; he thought it was the coolest thing ever. -Vanessa
  • My favorite thing about Joe is that he makes an effort to walk through the office and say "hello" to everyone. He values every single employee in the company, and makes sure everyone knows it. -Lindsay
  • I like how Joe would come in on Good Friday and ask why we were working. He would negotiate and we would get out of work early. -Milka
  • Joe has been a wonderful mentor over the past few years. He's a genuinely kind person and it's easy to see why he's been so successful at developing so many great relationships over his career. Thanks for all your help. You've taught me a lot and we'll miss you, Joe. -Stu

Through the silly and the serious, Joe has left a lasting impression on all of us. We are so grateful for his contributions as a professional, as a friend, and as a role model.