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The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has mandated that each state must survey all ASCs at least every three years. ASCs found to have survey deficiencies are at risk of decertification. As regulations are constantly changing, ASC managers are having a difficult time keeping up-to-date and maintaining compliance. Let us assist you in meeting CMS regulatory requirements for your facility with our unique Compliance Center.

In response to a need among our customers, Precision Lens has developed the Compliance Center to assist ASCs in maintaining their Medicare certification. We hired a certified CMS Surveyor, Tina Roberts, R.N., as our Compliance Director in June 2011. In preparation for this position, she spent over eight months working closely with ASC managers to design a program and website to assist ASCs in maintaining their regulatory requirements. Tina has fifteen years of experience working with CMS and State Agencies and was a Lead Surveyor for ASCs in the State of Minnesota. 

The Precision Lens Compliance Center is unique to the industry, and provides:

Mock Survey (Accreditation and Deemed Status)

  • Onsite accreditation assessment (Pre-Survey Review)
  • Medicare/CMS requirements 
  • Work plan summary/gap analysis with recommendations
  • Mock Surveys are consultative and educational and are performed by your peers who are also surveyor consultants
  • Life Safety Code (LSC) consulting, upon request

Accreditation Preparation

  • Dedicated consultant through completion of accreditation process
  • Includes consultative visits, Policy& Procedure manuals, remote consulting, mock surveys, and archived webinars
  • Education regarding quality management and improvement activities, credentialing/privileging, peer reviewing, benchmarking, infection prevention, and risk management
  • Direction on writing effective policies and procedures that are compliant with accreditation standards
  • CMS/Medicare guidelines and Life Safety Code (LSC) available upon request

Policies & Procedures Manuals

  • Compliant with accreditation standards and other regulator requirements including Medicare/CMS
  • Includes Administrative, Anesthesia, and Clinical Policies and Procedures
  • Customized templates to reflect specific activities of the organization seeking accreditation
  • Direction is also available on writing effective policies and procedures that are compliant with accreditation standards

New Facility Development

  • Review of architectural and design plans
  • Guidelines on administrative, regulator, and operational requirements, including staffing and medical equipment planning
  • Assistance with accreditation preparation, Medicare certification, and state licensure
  • Templates for and liaison with administrator/attorney for preparation of Governance materials, Medical Staff Organization and Bylaws
  • Accreditation preparation services listed above

Customized Consulting

  • Consultative visits
  • Onsite or remote staff and Director of Nursing training
  • Medicare/CMS certification preparation and Plans of Correction (POC)
  • Deficiency resolution
  • Remote/virtual consulting (hourly)
  • Quality management and improvement, including Quality Improvement Studies
  • Infection control and prevention
  • Risk Management Strategies
  • Physician and Staff Credentialing Process
  • Formation of a credentialing and privileging program for medical staff and allied health professionals
  • Regulator and Legislative Compliance (OSHA, HIPAA)
  • Strategic Planning


Tina Roberts, RN has extensive, proven success in over 30 ASCs accreditation and deemed status surveys from CMS/State, AAAHC, JC and AAAASF accrediting bodies.

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