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The LENSAR Laser System: The Intelligent Approach to Cataract Surgery

Simplify Your Life With Streamline

The LENSAR® Laser System with Streamline™ is the first femtosecond laser cataract platform to enable automation of several surgical procedure planning and execution elements with the introduction of five new application upgrades that include:

  • Wireless integration with the Cassini™ Corneal Shape Analyzer
  • Iris registration based on iris features
  • Automatic cataract density imaging
  • Automatic customized fragmentation patterns
  • Arcuate incision planning at the laser
Streamline Your Workflow:
  • Wireless transfer of pre-op data to the LENSAR Laser from the Cassini Corneal Shape Analyzer saves time and eliminates potential transcription errors
Streamline Your Arcuate Incisions:
  • Iris registration, powered by LENSAR Augmented Reality™ imaging and Cassini, automatically compensates for cyclorotation and eliminates need to manually ink mark the eye
    • Automatically confirms image compatibility at point of capture on the Cassini and compares the image with one taken while the eye is docked on LENSAR Laser to provide confidence in corneal incision placement
  • Arcuate incision planning conveniently generates laser incisions with specified location, depth and length based on the patient’s biometric measurements and surgeon-preferred treatment parameters allowing for efficient astigmatism management

Automatically generates laser incision specifications based on physician-preferred treatment parameters and provides SIA and residual astigmatism data to guide decision-making during surgery

Streamline Your Cataract Removals:

Cataract density imaging automatically categorizes the cataract and selects a pre-programmed, surgeon-customized fragmentation pattern based upon the density of the cataract that may make your laser cataract procedures more efficient and save you time

  • Allows you to control amount of laser energy delivered to the eye

Streamline automatically categorizes cataract on a scale of 1 to 4 based on cataract density and determines density and location of the nucleus

Efficient Design

The LENSAR® Laser System was designed with your efficiency in mind, so you can seamlessly integrate the system into your existing surgical regimen without increasing procedure time.

Quick and easy docking
  • Deployable docking head automatically moves the laser a pre-programmable distance from the patient
  • Easy-to-use joystick speeds docking and offers surgical control during final laser-to-patient docking

Automated laser configuration and procedure planning
  • Pre-programmable laser height and laser orientation suit individual surgeon preferences
  • Automated procedure planning expedites time between imaging and treatment

Thoughtful ergonomics
  • Smaller laser footprint (6’ X 9.5’) and wheels offer transportability; designed to fit in a standard operating room
  • Deployable laser head can be moved into operative docking position for treatment and retracted post-treatment to allow for integration of the microscope and other surgical equipment necessary to complete the procedure
  • Intuitive graphic interface, 2 treatment monitors, and 1 surgeon monitor allow for simple operation and control of treatment parameters in any laser orientation
  • Efficient design eliminates the need to move the patient by allowing patients to remain on same bed during the laser and surgical procedures

Cataract density imaging
  • Based on the cataract density and surgeon preference, LENSAR will suggest a lenticular fragmentation pattern for optimum efficiency
  • Unique to the LENSAR Laser—no other femtosecond cataract laser offers cataract density imaging, made possible by Augmented Reality's superior imaging capabilities and depth of field advantage

Patient Safety

The LENSAR® Laser System was designed with patient safety in mind. With a non-applanating patient interface, superior imaging, and precise laser placement, you can feel secure knowing that you are providing an optimal, customized treatment that will maximize outcomes without putting your patients at risk.

Non-applanating patient interface
  • Low-pressure suction ring immobilizes the eye with a small increase in IOP and an immediate return to baseline
  • Fluid-filled interface maintains the integrity of the cornea and ensures patient comfort

Superior imaging
  • LENSAR is the only femtosecond cataract laser that provides a reconstructed 3-D view of the anterior segment
  • Accurately measures through all densities of nuclei to produce a high-resolution image from the anterior cornea to the posterior lens capsule
  • Auto surface detection identifies all relevant structures, including the nucleus and epinucleus
  • New Streamline™ Technology uses the Augmented Reality image to categorize the cataract density

Precise laser placement
  • Lens tilt compensation, superior imaging, and non-applanating interface ensures precise laser pulse placement, reducing the chances of tags and/or capsular breakage
  • Precise laser placement and customization give surgeons the ability to control the procedure, ensuring the best results for their patients
  • LENSAR’s precision allows for accurate corneal incisions, free-floating capsulotomies nearly 100% of the time,1 and efficient lens fragmentation
1. Data on file. LENSAR, Inc.

Energy Reduction

The LENSAR® Laser System was designed with phaco energy reduction in mind. Because LENSAR’s collection of imaging technologies provides a clear picture of the anterior segment, and because of the non-applanating patient interface, laser pulses can be precisely placed within 500 µm1 of the posterior capsule. This, coupled with cataract density imaging and automatic fragmentation patterns, enables pre-programmed, surgeon-customized fragmentation patterns based on the density of the cataract, allowing for efficient lens fragmentation and ultimately a reduction in phaco time and up to 100% reduction in phaco energy1 compared to conventional phacoemulsification alone. LENSAR is the only femtosecond laser with FDA-labeling demonstrating a significant reduction in cumulative dissipated energy (CDE) by specific cataract grade.


Streamline’s cataract density imaging and automatic fragmentation patterns enable pre-programmed, surgeon-customized fragmentation patterns based on the density of the cataract.

Decreased endothelial cell loss

Decreased endothelial cell loss translates directly to increased long-term corneal health. In a series of 433 cases, the reduction in endothelial cell count was lower for the LENSAR laser cases compared to the phaco-only cases.1

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