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Precision Lens is proud to partner with manufacturers that share our goal of providing safe, top-of-the line care for patients during their vision correction procedures. 


Ophthalmic lenses are used to correct a variety of vision-related issues, such as near-sightedness, far-sightedness, and cataracts. The focusing portion of the lens is made of a clear material which allows light and images to be more easily focused onto the retina.

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Viscoelastics are used in ophthalmic surgeries to maintain the shape of the eye, specifically the anterior chamber. When undergoing surgery, the amount of naturally-occurring pressure from within the eye may decrease due to surgical site incision or the aspiration of debris through hand-held devices. Viscoelastics are injected into the anterior chamber to retain its shape and offer protection to the involved areas of the eye.



Although ophthalmic procedures are possible without machine assistance, the machines available within the ophthalmic industry have allowed doctors to improve surgical outcomes for their patients. Some of the machines on the market include:

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Instruments & Devices

The wide variety of instruments available to surgeons allows them to customize their tools based on personal preference. From the angle of the knife blade to the grip on the IOL manipulator, surgeons can perfect their results by finding what works best for them. 



Synthetics can be utilized both by doctors and patients. Doctors can use synthetics such as AmnioGraft® and PROKERA® from  BIOTISSUE® to speed patient healing after a procedure. Patients can personally utilize products like BLINK® TEARS to make living with conditions like dry eye more tolerable.