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Experience the ZEPTO Advantage

Precise, visually centered, and stronger capsulotomies in milliseconds. 

Mynosys Cellular Devices has been focusing on being able to create a perfectly round capsuoltomy.  The ZEPTO product utilizes a silicone suction cup and a nitinol capsulotomy cutting element, and can be inserted through a 2.2mm incision.  The pushrod retracts, allowing the surgeon to visualize the center axis, apply suction and in 4 milliseconds, create the capsulotomy.

Temperature at the time of the incision is similar to that of a continuous curvilinear capsulorhexis, the zonules do not experience stretching during the procedure and the capsulotomies produced by ZEPTO are stronger than when other methods are used.

The device has several advantages over a femtosecond laser; it is significantly less expensive, results in a stronger capsulotomy, provides fewer logistical challenges and reduces overall surgical time.

The ZEPTO capsulotomy system consists of a disposable handpiece attached to a control console that provides power and suction for the capsulotomy.  The handpiece terminated in a soft, clear silicone capsulotomy tip that houses a circular collapsible super elastic nitonol ring to perform the capsulotomy.