Ophthalmology Technology

Our Mission

Strengthened by more than 30 years of experience, Precision Lens partners with eye care providers and empowers them with cutting edge technology, exceptional service, and integrity.

Company History

Recognized for its integrity and innovation.

Flash back to a cold Minnesota day in 1991 -- a day that would have seemed like any other -- until Paul Ehlen and Ken Cameron, ambitious ophthalmic sales executives, envisioned the creation of a company that could provide unmatched speed and customer service across the midwest.

This vibration of thought led to the formulation of the Cameron Ehlen Group, Inc., a medical distribution company that later became Precision Lens.

It didn’t take long for referrals from satisfied customers to travel far and fast, establishing Precision Lens as the gold standard of ophthalmic distribution companies and manufacturers.

Celebrated for its responsiveness, dexterity, and ability to anticipate and evolve with customer needs, Precision Lens remains a leading distributor of ophthalmic surgical products and a trusted partner to eye care professionals across the country.

Precision Lens continues to exceed customer expectations, positioning itself as a true partner to eye care professionals who are eager to establish relationships with technology providers that keep pace with industry developments while delivering reliable and responsive customer service.

As a company recognized for its integrity and innovation, Precision Lens leverages the longevity of its leadership team and its robust roster of sales professionals to continue serving the ophthalmic community with unmatched dedication and distinction.

Our Values

Precision Lens


For each other and through caring and integrity, accomplish excellent customer service, both internally and externally

Precision Lens


To our employees and the business

Precision Lens


Create win-win with vendors and customers

Precision Lens


Be a great place to work and don’t take ourselves too seriously

Precision Lens


Honest and ethical in our actions.

Precision Lens


Foster open and honest relationships and clearly state expectations

Precision Lens


Commitment in heart and mind about our mission and desire to be the best

Precision Lens


Gratitude for each other’s work and commitment

Precision Lens


Provide products and services that make a real difference in people’s lives

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