What Makes Us Different...

At Precision Lens and Precision Eye Services we believe the success of our surgeon customers can be greatly enhanced by their ability to integrate and grow patient pay procedures in their clinical and surgical practice. Currently, the greatest opportunity for this is in the area of refractive cataract surgery. The introduction of AMOs Symfony IOL represents an opportunity for ophthalmic surgeons to confidently do more refractive cataract surgery, achieving optimal visual outcomes for their patients, than ever before.

Precision Lens (PL) works with over 700 surgeons within its 11 state territory. Precision Eye Services (PES) works with many of those, as well as other surgeons outside the PL territory. Amongst those 700+ surgeons there are many who perform greater than the 13% national average of refractive cataract procedures with a premium IOL, and there are even more that perform less than the national average to none. PL would like to provide this broad and diverse group of surgeons with technical training support for use of the Symfony IOL that will result in their patients achieving best possible outcomes from refractive cataract surgery which will ultimately grow the patient pay procedure volume in their practices, communities, and in the PL territory.


We Offer

Onsite clinical training programs and tools for technicians and the surgeon/technician team:

  • Introduction to Symfony IOL Technology
  • Diagnostic Data to Drive Patient Specific Surgical Plans
  • Patient Specific Lens Selection: First and Second Eyes
  • Aberrometry for Symfony Technology

On-demand video series for technicians to reinforce key learning and action items:

  • Each Video Would be 10’ or Less and Focus on a Key Learning or Skill
  • Viewers Will Have Access to a Downloadable One-page Summary with Tips for Hardwiring Key Learning Into Their Daily Process
  • Secure Log-in for Access to the Video Series Will Be Required, and Therefore Reports Will Be Available Showing who has Accessed Which Videos, How Long They Watched, Who Downloaded the Summaries
  • Video Topics:
    • Red Flag Patients and Communicating That to the Surgeon
    • Basics of Premium Lens Procedures for Surgical Facility Teams
    • How to do Manual Ks

Develop a series of Cheat Sheets by Repurposing the Key Takeaways From the On-demand Video Series

Live and web based coaching before and after the onsite clinical training

  • Pre-determined Coaching Times
  • Follow-up Summary E-mails to Reinforce Key Learning from Coaching Session

As well, to ensure a comprehensive approach, collaboration with the practice development team on a simplified summary version of program content can be sued for live and recorded in-service education modules for the broader groups of clinical practice and surgical facility teams.

Pathway to Excellence Media

  • Counselor Reference Guide
  • Physician Follow Up
  • Dealing With Dry Eye Prior to Cataract Surgery (Audio)