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Product Literature

The LENSAR Laser System is the only femtosecond cataract laser built specifically for refractive cataract surgery. Because it was designed from the ground up, every aspect of the laser has been purposefully designed to meet the needs of cataract surgeons.

Simplified Procedures:
 LENSAR’s latest upgrade, Streamline, has wireless integration with the Cassini Corneal Shape Analyzer, iris registration, cataract density imaging and customized fragmentation patterns, and arcuate incision planning at the laser to simplify your life

Efficient Design:
 Automated features and thoughtful ergonomics allow for seamless integration without added time, for maximum surgical efficiency.

Superior Imaging:
 Thanks to Augmented Reality that provides a sophisticated 3-D reconstruction of the relevant anterior segment, allowing for precise laser delivery and the surgical confidence for accurate corneal incisions, free-floating capsulotomies, and efficient lens fragmentation for all grades.

Energy Reduction:
 By combining superior imaging of the anterior segment, precise laser placement, and efficient lenticular fragmentation, the LENSAR Laser allows for a reduction in phaco time and up to 100% reduction in phaco energy.

Superior Imaging Using Augmented Reality

The LENSAR Laser System’s superior imaging system collects an unprecedented spectrum of biometric data and then reconstructs a sophisticated 3-D model of the true anatomy of each individual patient’s eye using proprietary Augmented Reality technology. Because you’ll see exactly where the relevant anatomy is in the eye for all grades of white or brunescent cataracts, laser pulses can be precisely placed, so you can be confident in your treatment design and execution.


Key features of LENSAR’s imaging system

  • Rotating camera takes captures of 2 different angles at up to 8 different positions around the optical axis for a total of 16 potential images.
  • Augmented Reality uses the biometric data and optical ray-tracing technology to build a 3-D model of each individual patient’s eye.
  • Variable-rate scanning ensures optimal contrast to capture all ocular structures within the anterior segment.
  • An enhanced depth of field of ocular structures and superluminescent diode (SLD) illumination helps to generate an in-focus image from the anterior cornea to the posterior lens capsule.
  • Auto-surface detection identifies the anterior and posterior surfaces for both the cornea and lens capsule.
  • Accurate, high resolution image accurately measures and provides clear visualization of the lens anatomy for all densities of nuclei.
  • New Streamline™ Technology uses the Augmented Reality image to categorize the cataract density.
  • Using biometric data measured in the x-, y-, and z-axes, unique lens tilt detection and compensation determines and corrects for even the smallest amount of lens tilt from the optical axis.

Intelligent Lens Tilt Detection

LENSAR’s superior imaging system brilliantly collects biometric data including anterior and posterior corneal curvature radius, and lens thickness, anterior chamber depth, anterior and posterior lens curvature radius, and lens thickness from multiple angles. By collecting this data at multiple angles and in the x-, y, and z-axes, LENSAR has the unique ability to determine lens tilt from the optical axis. This is a distinct surgical advantage, as this is something no other femtosecond cataract system can do.

Lens tilt compensation contributes to free-floating and perfect capsulotomies for more consistent ELP


LENSAR’s intelligent lens tilt detection allows for the creation of free-floating capsulotomies nearly 100% of the time.1 Because LENSAR’s fluid-filled patient interface allows for precise laser delivery without distortion, free-floating capsulotomies can be achieved even for eyes with decentered or small pupils.

  • System automates capsulotomy size, shape, and location
  • Capsulotomy can be adjusted to within 250 µm of the pupillary margin when system detects intraoperative pupil constriction
  • Precise capsulotomies may contribute to more consistent, effective lens positioning (ELP) and improved refractive outcomes 2,3
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Flexible Procedure Planning

The LENSAR® Laser System was designed with your efficiency in mind, so you can seamlessly integrate the system into your existing surgical regimen without increasing procedure time. This is achieved through a series of automated features and thoughtful ergonomics.

Software-generated procedure plans

To help save valuable time, LENSAR’s software creates an automated procedure plan using patient-specific biometry combined with surgeon-selectable preferences:

  • Preferred incision site
  • IOL to be implanted
  • Lens tilt
  • Nuclear density
  • Preferred fragmentation patterns

Customizable surgeon preferences

Surgeon preferences can be adjusted as needed for unparalleled control. Additionally, the surgeon has the option to center the anterior capsulotomy over the optical axis of the crystalline lens or over the pupil center in an attempt to maximize effective lens positioning (ELP) — another unique LENSAR feature. Since most of the parameters are pre-loaded into the software based on your surgical preferences, treatment can begin soon after imaging, with very little additional input required.


Automated Laser Configuration

To save additional time, the LENSAR Laser can also be pre-programmed for:

  • Laser height
  • Surgeon-to-patient orientation (either temporal or superior)

Smart Corneal Incisions

The LENSAR® Laser System is approved for a full range of corneal incisions. With proprietary real-time imaging from Intelligent Incisions™, you can expect a new level of laser accuracy. Surgeon-controlled parameters allow you to create full and partial thickness, single-plane, and multi-plane cuts in the cornea for:

  • Accurate paracentesis and entrance incisions
  • Precise arcuate incisions — LENSAR is now the only femtosecond laser with the added benefit of iris registration for improved accuracy and astigmatic outcomes

Intelligent Incisions Ensures Accuracy

Using Intelligent Incisions, the LENSAR Laser System monitors the position of the cornea immediately before each cut, in each plane, to ensure the precise location of each incision.