The COMPACT INTUITIV System is designed to help you set the pace for your practice. With high functionality and enduring practicality, it’s a system you can count on to be ready in the moment and deliver value over time.



Keep your procedures moving smoothly with a system that’s primed for both functionality and dependability.


Proactive IOP Management with Automatic Occlusion Sensing

Keep it steady. Proactive intraocular pressure (IOP) management helps monitor and maintain IOP throughout each case, so you’re free to focus on the patient, not the pressure.

  • Monitors vacuum levels throughout the case
  • Optimizes power settings for enhanced control and improved efficiency
  • Anticipates pressure changes and responds proactively to occlusion breaks
  • Protects the chamber during post-occlusion surge

IOP Through Post-Occlusion Surge and Recovery1

Compact Intitutive Graph

Results from a nonclinical study.
COMPACT INTUITIV System: Aspiration 30 ccm, Vacuum 400 mmHg, Pump Ramp 100%, Bottle Height 90 cm, CASE Vacuum 200 mmHg, OPO80 and OPO85.
INFINITI® System: INTREPID® Plus Fluidics Management System, Aspiration 30 ccm, Vacuum 400 mmHg, Bottle Height 90 cm.

36% less change in IOP than the INFINITI® Vision System with the disposable pack*

68% faster IOP recovery than the INFINITI® Vision System with the disposable pack**

Ultrasound Efficiency with the ELLIPS® FX Handpiece

The ELLIPS® FX Handpiece balances confidence with control, so you get powerful, effective cutting while still protecting the eye. Phaco tip moves continuously in three dimensions for power and followability.

  • Smooth, efficient cutting with minimal clogging
  • Reduced heat generated at the incision2
  • Less corneal edema3
  • Lower endothelial cell loss3
  • Compatibility with all Johnson & Johnson Vision phaco tips
Phaco ELLIPS_Tip_Movement-2015-reversed

In both blocked and unblocked conditions, elliptical energy management maintains significantly cooler temperatures than the competitor handpiece.4

Responsive Fluidics with a Proprietary Peristaltic Pump

Keep your procedures moving smoothly with reliable, stable fluidics. The COMPACT INTUITIV System uses a proprietary peristaltic pump that's designed to give you steady command over fragments and flow.

  • Minimizes clogging
  • Helps maintain a working space between the handpiece and the iris and posterior chamber
  • Allows you to effectively pull the first quadrant centrally
  • Holds large fragments at the tip



The COMPACT INTUITIV System is primed to deliver value to your practice over time without missing a beat in your day-to-day.


Value and Flexibility

Designed to work the way you do, the COMPACT INTUITIV System brings dependability and value to the forefront of your practice in more ways than one.

With the COMPACT INTUITIV System, you have the power to choose between reusable and disposable phaco packs, offering day-to-day convenience — as well as long term value for your practice.

  • Reusable: Up to 20 procedures out of a single phaco pack
  • Disposable: Quick installation and convenience

User-centric design provides practical, sensible use in each case and from case to case.

  • Touchscreen interface: Easy-to-use, intuitive operation
  • Advanced Linear Pedal: Responsiveness and control throughout the procedure
  • Simple programming: Easy setup for one or multiple surgeons
  • Wireless remote: Convenience and control for modes and settings


Always Ready

Balance efficiency and ease of use with a suite of features and accessories designed to streamline your workflow.

  • Small footprint in the OR
  • Fast and simple OR setup
  • One-step prime/tune
  • Auto-loading reusable and disposable packs
  • Convenient portability, reliable durability


Record Your Cases

Capture each case in HD video. With the High Definition Surgical Media Center (HD-SMC), you can record your procedures to inform the way you work.

  • Save and share videos with your colleagues
  • Use as a teaching and demonstration tool
  • Record comprehensive case data
  • Create customized presentations and surgical overlays



*Change in pressure from steady state to post-occlusion surge trough

**Change in time from post-occlusion surge trough back to steady state

INFINITI is a trademark of Novartis AG.



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In both blocked and unblocked conditions, elliptical energy management maintains significantly cooler temperatures than the competitor handpiece.4

Degree of Difficulty** With Night Vision1,2


+4.0 D (purple) data are historical from a separate clinical study using the same test methodology.


Unlike another leading IOL, TECNIS® IOL material is not associated with glistenings,4-8
which can inhibit your patients’ vision. Glistenings cause light scatter, which can result in a reduction in image contrast.5-9


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