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Parasol Plug

Parasol® Punctal Occluder (Permanent Occlusion)

A breakthrough product offering unparalleled retention, simple sizing and ease of insertion.  Made of medical grade silicone, the Parasol provides permanent, though easily reversible, occlusion for chronic dry eye.


Parasol Sterile Pre-Loaded Punctal Occluders

Occluders are packaged in a convenient (1) one pair tray.  Each occluder is individually sterile and pre-loaded on a high-quality disposable inserter.


Easy to Insert

The parasol's hollow nose collapses on insertion, eliminating the need for punctal dilation in most cases.  It's easier on you and more comfortable for your patients.


Simple Sizing

Two sizes, small and medium, fit virtually all patients.  X-small and large sizes are available for uncommonly sized puncta.