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The Nutrition Your Eyes Deserve

Why Physician REcommended Nutriceuticals?

PRN is a leader in specialty Omega-3 products and nutritional supplements. Our products are developed in partnership with doctors and supported by a comprehensive body of clinical evidence.
Thousands of top physicians across the country recommend the use of PRN products versus other over-the-counter Omega-3s to help reduce occasional dry eye symptoms, improve overall tear quality, support macular health and improve visual function.
Evidence suggests that the fatty acids DHA and EPA found in Omega-3s provide significant benefits when they are taken on a long-term, daily basis. Studies show that they can support the eyes, joints, bones, cardiovascular system, and more.1 However, not all Omega-3s are created equal.
Some over-the-counter supplements go through processing that makes them less absorbable by the body. Made with re-esterified triglyceride (rTG), PRN Omega-3 products are absorbed by your body three times better than store-bought fish oil.
Many over-the-counter Omega-3s contain contaminants like PCBs, lead and mercury. Our products are manufactured in NSF-certified facilities in the USA. Each batch undergoes third-party testing for purity and safety. We utilize a proprietary molecular distillation process that removes significantly more toxins than the process used by most over-the-counter Omega-3 products.

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