Product Info:

Easing the Pressure

The BAERVELDT® BG 103-250, BAERVELDT® BG 101-350 and BAERVELDT® Pars Plana BG 102-350 Glaucoma Implants

Provide pressure control with a minimally invasive BAERVELDT® Glaucoma Implant. Its fenestration system is designed to control bleb height and volume while a patented larger surface area enhances IOP control. When traditional glaucoma therapy can’t help the rising IOP, provide control with a BAERVELDT® Glaucoma Implant.

Glaucoma Control

Large plate implants, such as BAERVELDT® Implants, facilitate aqueous outflow to help provide IOP control.

Allows improved aqueous filtration

Maximizes pressure relief

Minimally Invasive

BAERVELDT® Implants only require single-quadrant insertion, allowing for better IOP control than competing implants.4,5

The BAERVELDT® Implants’ patented bleb control mechanism allows fibrotic tissue growth through the fenestrations in the plate, controlling bleb height and volume.

Minimizes the likelihood of ocular motility disturbances

Helps ensure a low profile for better globe fit