TECNIS® Synergy™ IOL

TECNIS Synergy™ IOLs - a Breakthrough Innovation that:

Delivers a wider range of continuous vision than a leading presbyopia-correcting IOL.

Provides better near vision, day and night.

Combines the unique TECNIS® optical benefits of multifocal and EDOF IOL diffractive technologies.

Powered by InteliLight™, an innovative combination of three proprietary technologies:

  • High-resolution Echelette - extends the depth of focus for uninterrupted vision.  Advanced lathing helps reduce light scatter and halo intensity.
  • Achromatic Technology - achromatic design that corrects chromatic aberration to enhance image contrast, day and night.
  • Violet Light Filter - designed to mitigate dysphotopsia including halo, glare and starburst.

TECNIS Synergy™ IOLs deliver better image contrast in photopic and mesopic lighting conditions. 

Tecnis Synergy™ a Continuous-Range-of-Vision Intraocular Lens

• TECNIS Synergy™ IOL delivers continuous high-contrast vision for patients with cataracts from far through near, even in low-light conditions

• Clinical data being presented demonstrates TECNIS Synergy™ IOL gives broad range of continuous vision and offers patients the freedom to focus within the range

New TECNIS Simplicity® system for safe and easy delivery5

  • A preloaded, fully disposable delivery system that streamlines lens delivery and protects against contamination

Also available in Toric II - TECNIS SynergyTM Toric II IOL

Synergy IOL Box Front
Synergy IOL