The new TECNIS EyhanceTM IOL – defining the future of Monofocals.

The first monofocal lens designed to slightly extend the depth of focus1,2

  • The breakthrough design of the new TECNIS EyhanceTM IOL delivers a different kind of monofocal experience.3 The unique shape of the EyhanceTM lens is designed to slightly extend the depth of focus compared to the TECNIS 1-Piece IOL, Model ZCB00 as measured in bench testing

Better Image Contrast in Low Light4

  • TECNIS EyhanceTM IOLs deliver 30% improvement in image contrast compared to AcrySof IQ SN60WF at 5mm

New TECNIS Simplicity® system for safe and easy delivery5

  • A preloaded, fully disposable delivery system that streamlines lens delivery and protects against contamination

Also available in Toric II - TECNIS EyhanceTM Toric II IOL

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tecnis eyhance iol box2