Tecnis® ZA9003 Aspheric Acrylic IOL

  • The Tecnis IOL is the first and only IOL with a patented wavefront-designed optic for more youthful vision
  • The wavefront design provides safer, sharper vision by targeting zero residual spherical aberration
  • Clinical study data submitted to the FDA demonstrates that the Tecnis IOL reduced spherical aberration to essentially zero
  • The Tecnis lens can improve contrast so that you can see well, even in low-light situations. thus, Tecnis IOLs are likely to provide a meaningful safety benefit to elderly drivers
ZA9003 lens depth
  • In a study, the Tecnis lens improved the identification distance for a pedestrian hazard by 45 feet, compared to a traditional spherical lens implant. At 55 mph, the 45-foot increase in visibility results in an additional half-second (0.50) to perceive and react to a driving hazard, compared to a traditional spherical IOL.
  • With is proven three-piece design, the Tecnis IOL is designed for stability and centration
  • The OptiEdge™ design has been shown to have lower edge glare than a lens with double-square edge design
  • CapC haptics naturally conform to the capsular bag for optimal centration and minimal zonular stress