Healon Duet® PRO Dual Pack

A Powerful Pairing of HEALON® PRO and HEALON EndoCoat® OVDs

The HEALON Duet® PRO Dual Pack features the protection of the HEALON EndoCoat® Ophthalmic Viscoelastic Device (OVD) and the reliability of the HEALON® PRO OVD in a single, convenient package.

Premium Protection

The HEALON EndoCoat® OVD features a low molecular weight for high protection.

  • Remains in the eye for the full phacoemulsification process, protecting endothelial cells1
  • Maintains its shape in the eye to provide high retention during phacoemulsification1
  • Clear and transparent OVD​

Reliable Control

With high viscosity and high molecular weight, the cohesive HEALON® PRO OVD helps maintain a deep anterior chamber during surgery.

  • Maintains the anterior chamber for easy maneuvering and intraocular lens (IOL) implantation.2
  • Formulated for outstanding clarity of the surgical field.

Product Literature

HEALON Duet® Dual Pack


Classification Cohesive Dispersive
Product Volume 0.55 mL 0.85 mL
Viscosity 150,000 mPas 50,000 cps
Molecular Weight 3,200,000 Da 800,000 Da