AmnioGraft® is the amniotic membrane allograft of choice for ophthalmologists around the world because of its unique ability to repair and heal wounds. AmnioGraft® serves as a tissue replacement and delivers the amniotic membrane's unique wound repair and wound healing actions that improve surgical outcomes by preventing scarring, reducing inflammation, reducing the formation of abnormal blood vessels, and minimizing patient pain.

In addition to its wound repair and wound healing actions, AmnioGraft® also reduces surgical times because it does not require re-hydration. It is easy to handle and suture, and it conserves the patient's tissue for other use.


AmnioGraft® amniotic membrane allografts are 50-100 µm thick and available in 5 sizes to fit any sized ocular defect.


Indications For Use:

AmnioGraft® improves surgical outcomes for a variety of eye surgeries, including:

  • Pterygium
  • Conjunctivochalasis
  • Corneal defects
  • High-risk trabeculectomies
  • Leaking glaucoma blebs
  • Chemical burns
  • Stevens-Johnson Syndrome
  • Strabismus
  • Many other procedures


PROKERA® is a class II medical device composed of CryoTek™ amniotic membrane in a thermoplastic ring set. PROKERA® is a unique, active treatment option for ocular surface and corneal wound healing due to its anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring properties.

  • Active wound healing- Key components responsible for tissue regeneration are retained using the CryoTek™ processing method.
  • Intuitive- PROKERA® is designed to conform snugly to the ocular surface and can be inserted in the office
  • Innovative- PROKERA® delivers the unique healing properties of cryopreserved amniotic membrane in a convenient, suturless, thermoplastic ring set
  • Specifications- 16mm diameter ring

The PROKERA® Family Of Products:

  • Original PROKERA is recommended for patients with moderate to severe indications such as neuropathic PED, severe infectious keratitis, and post-DSEK for bullous keratopathy
  • New PROKERA SLIM with ComfortRING™ Technology was designed with a slim profile that contours to the ocular surface, moves with the eye, and maximizes amniotic membrane contact with the cornea, limbus, and limbal stem cells, providing clinical benefits and maximizing patient comfort
  • New PROKERA PLUS incorporates multiple layers of amniotic membrane that makes it suitable for therapeutic applications requiring longer biologic action and durability on the ocular surface. It is recommended for us in severe indications such as chemical burns, Stevens Johnson Syndrome, and severe corneal ulcers