ImprimisRx focuses on many therapeutic areas, one of the largest being ophthalmology.  Imprimis Rx strives to deliver high-quality formulations that meet or exceed stringent U.S. Pharmacopeia (USP) guidelines.

Imprimis Go Dropless

Dropless Therapy® originated for the purpose of fulfilling an unmet need for ophthalmologists and their patients undergoing cataract and other ocular surgeries.  Dropless Therapy® can greatly reduce costs associated with post-operative drop therapy and may increase patient compliance.

Imprimis Less Drops

Combination drop therapy alleviates the need for multiple postoperative drops and, in turn, helps cut medication costs.  Fewer drops needed may reduce the number of eye drops by up to 50%.  The use of combination drop therapy may also eliminate the need for multiple post-surgical drop regiments, resulting in a cost savings of up to 75%.

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Imprimis MKO Melt

Patent pending IV Free compounded formulation, MKO Melt™, Midzaolam, Ketamine HCI, and Ondansetron® is administered under the tongue and typically dissolves within 2 - 5 minutes.  With IV free cataract surgery, it will reduce the number of IVs needed for anesthetic, although some patients may require an IV.  It also provides consistent, predictable dosing.

Imprimis Simple Drops

Simple Drops are preservative-free glaucoma drops.  Several studies have demonstrated that roughly 50% of patients have been found not to be adherent to their glaucoma medication over 75% of the time.  Patient compliance is an unavoidable issue when it comes to glaucoma treatment.  Simple Drops conveniently provides multiple glaucoma medications into a single bottle.  Simple Drops provides the patient with a simplified treatment regimen.