Company Info:

If you want a more efficient and more profitable practice, you need Patient Pending SM . With Patient Pending SM , you reduce no- shows and enjoy shorter and more productive consultations with patients who are better educated about a specific procedure and related options for a better outcome. In addition, you can know your patient's goals and objectives before they arrive.

Here's How It Works

Step 1
The patient is referred to your office for a consultation, and sets appointment date with your office.


Step 2
Once the appointment is made, our fully-automated platform distributes a series of strategically timed emails and text messages providing the patient with educational information about the specific procedure and potential options or upgrades prior to the consultation.

For instance, with cataract patients, we introduce the options of Premium/Lifestyle lenses that are not covered by Medicare. With hair restoration, we present the option of hair restoration technology. Using network quality video, expert insights and compelling, real-life patient testimonials, Patient PendingSM  subtly and professionally presents information and options to each patient, so they know more about their options before the consultation.


Step 3
The patient watches the videos and submits answers to questions about their personal health & lifestyle goals prior to consultation.


Step 4
The doctor receives and reviews the patient’s personal health and lifestyle goals in advance of the appointment and


Step 5
Patient PendingSM helps provide the education, insight and value of a procedure and the various options that can potentially lead to a better outcome, in advance of the appointment/consultation.


Step 6
The patient arrives for the consultation better educated about the procedure and options, and the doctor already knows the patient's goals, making for a shorter, more productive appointment.


Step 7
The doctor saves valuable time consulting and advising, rather than “selling”.