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When you depend on the quality and effectiveness of the instrument in your hand, Sharpoint is the name you can trust. Their proprietary manufacturing process gives them complete control over the quality of every knife and suture that they sell. You can trust that their knives and sutures will consistently be the sharpest and of the highest quality every time you take one out of the package.

Surgical Specialties Corporation offers a wide range of products to its Sharpoint brand customers in the ophthalmic community in order to support the precise and exacting nature of their surgical practice. The Infinite Edge manufacturing etching process eliminates blade grinding and produces cutting edges with consistent sharpness and tolerance, blade after blade.

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Now Available! SharpGuard™ Guarded Knives

The Sharpoint™ comprehensive line of microsurgical knives now features the new SharpGuard guarded knives. This new knife offers a textured, plastic, movable sheath that can be retracted to expose the blade for use and extended back to cover the blade when not in use. The ergonomic handle is specifically designed to protect against sharp injuries to the surgeon and hospital personnel.

Available in several sizes in stab, slit, crescent, and our Clearport™ paracentesis knives.

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sharpoint guarded knives